Josto Computers,
Your One Stop Kamloops Computer Shop

Josto Computers has been doing business in Kamloops for over 8 years.

This family owned and operated business sells and services computers. They’ll clean-up, tune-up and do repairs on PCs, laptops and tablets and are getting into mobile phones. Jostco also carries accessories like keyboards, printers and scanners and are a licensed Xerox supplier.

Owner-operator Andy Johnson says anything to do with computers they build.

Josto: We can build you a computer for web page design or for the gamer who wants to play shoot’em up video games. We also build flight simulators and if people want six screens with all the little controls we can build that too.

Read what Andy has to say about how Jostco Computers uses the internet and social media in their business.

KNR: Was there a turning point when you realized your business was shifting direction?

JC: When we first started the business 8 years ago we were servicing a lot of PCs. Now everyone’s mobile. They’re on Facebook and Twitter and they’re syncing their laptops to smart phones and tablets. With the way people are using the internet and social media, mobile devices have become 60 percent of our business.

KNR: What online processes or procedures have you implemented to help your business grow?

JC: We have our website at and we also have social media accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn plus a Google Places page.

KNR: How do you keep up on technology?

JC: Technology changes just about every week sometimes so I have to make sure to keep up on the geeky stuff. I’m in a couple of forums and I’ve subscribed to a couple of newsletters. A lot of times people will see something on the internet or in a magazine that hasn’t been released yet, not released in Canada yet or it’s still a concept so I have to make sure I’m up on it as much as I can.

KNR: What challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them?

JC: Well you can’t know everything and I’ve found that if I’m having a problem solving an issue say a virus removal there’s thousands of other people out there who have the same problem. So I’ll use google. I’ll type in exactly what’s going on into the search box and get back thousands of responses telling me how to fix it.

KNR: What do you find is the most rewarding about running your business?

JC: Providing great service would be the main thing. Me and my father both care about what’s going on and it’s what sets us apart from other computer stores.

A lot of times we can help you over the phone or we will do a remote access into your computer from down here.

If you’re really having problems and I have to come to your house I will do.

Josto Computers

Hours of Operation: Monday-Saturday 8:30am to 5:30pm

Address: #3-1390 Hillside Drive, Kamloops

Phone: (250) 372-1443

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