Web Solutions for Kamloops Small Business

Whether you are a product or service based business working from your kitchen table or a storefront warehouse, you may be suffering from the same things like:

Figuring out how to grow your business online

Most people feel the same way. They don’t understand how to use the web to go from having no online presence to using the web successfully because they don’t know how to effectively include the web in their marketing their business and thinking.

Others think that they can’t afford to hire a webmaster to build them a site or that the company they represent already gave them a “web page” that is the exact same as 100,000 independent representatives of the company.

Or, they already have a site they built themselves or paid someone to build with no tangible results such as increased “brand awareness” when the sad reality is that they have a site that makes them invisible to the search engines and more importantly…invisible to their perspective customers!

Not being found locally

The goal of Kamloops News and Reviews is to promote local area business to establish and grow their online presence creating additional branding / promotion and potential increased revenue.

It doesn’t matter if you are a home-based or small business trying to increase your income or just expand awareness of your product or service, effectively using the web can level the playing ground between you and your well financed competitors!

In fact, you may even be able to “own your niche market” locally so when ever anyone uses the search engines and types in “your business/service” your business gets put in front of your target customer above your competitor and that means they see and click on your first!

And, what about the the high cost of advertising

Tired of being lost in the crowded marketplace or your current website not bringing in business and you don’t know how to promote yourself effectively online?

I can help you with all of this and more you can even get the advantage on your competitors to get found locally for your product or service and...

You can OWN the local market online when people search for your product or service online and increase awareness of your brand and business.

Knowing where to start

That’s not a problem anymore. Contact me if you’d like me to work with you and build you a web site that works and helps you succeed in your business goals.

A Few Benefits of a Quality Website

Regular Newsletter

  • your target customers subscribe to (you get your business in front of them every time they read it),

Website Blog

  • readers can subscribe to your site and get automatic updates every time new information is added to your site,

Social Marketing

  • automate your promotion by including and using social media like twitter, facebook and others to grow your online presence, and let your readers (future customers) do it for you,

Supply and demand information

  • people search the web for a solution to a question if you know and answer the questions they’re asking and they will come to your site

High Quality Information

  • providing quality information establishes you as the local expert and trusted friend.

Search Engine Optimized Pages

  • helps people and the search engines find your site faster and easier!

My goal is not only to see Kamloops businesses like yours do well online and to succeed. Contact me.

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