Get Excited Over The Power of Video and Small Business

Local business can go head to head with big box retailers with the power of video in their arsenal.

If a picture tells 1,000 words, then video (done well) can tell 1,000,000!

Looking a year into the future, people will not only be reading the content on your website, twitter and other social media as we know it now. They’ll also be watching it in droves.

Over 60% of people already watch video online. With video content they're using their visual senses, along with their auditory senses and that should excite you!

By using video along with your written high quality content, you're opening up an additional way for your targeted customer to find and see you online.

Presenting yourself and your products or services in both formats, makes it easier to convince the reader that they should do business with you instead of your competitor.

Video gives the reader a chance to see you and your product / service in action.

It's actually a great way to demonstrate what you do “almost live”.

People do business with other people whom they Know, Like and Trust” and by having yourself on video along with a demonstration of the services and products you offer, you’re giving your potential customers a chance to get to know you and your business which helps build a relationship between both of you.

That being said, poor quality video production can work against you. Poor video has a negative effect if it looks like you’re trying to come off as a solid company and your finished production looks more like a poor example of a reality TV show!

In marketing, particularly video & TV advertising, there are certain formulas and strategies required to produce a strong final project that serves to be of high value to your potential customer, establishes you as a knowledgeable business owner in your niche marketplace and sends a specific message.

Many TV stations in small towns across the country are so desperate for advertising customers these days that they’re even offering to shoot and air a commercial for you for free!

That’s the up-side… the downside is that they aren’t well thought out, shot or edited and since they own the footage they just air it on their local station and often late at night.

The key is to own your own well produced, footage that allows you to distribute it to many other broadcasters across the country and around the world on a regular basis!

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