Kamloops Dollar Store

Walk into a Kamloops Dollar Store and you’ll see a typical assortment and collection of…candy, snacks, party supplies, stationery, toys, gifts and seasonal décor.

For a long time dollar stores have been thought of as discount stores full of junk barely above what you might find at a garage sale. That mind frame has slowly changed over the years and now you’re just as likely to find inexpensive but quality merchandise in a dollar store and even some brand names.

A stop at one of the many Kamloops dollar stores to name a few:

•    “Dollarama”
•    “The Dollar Tree”
•    “R Dollar N More”
•    “Your Dollar Store with More”
•    “Bains Family Dollar Store”

could save you a few bucks on your family budget when you pick up handy everyday Items like dry goods, drinks, paper towels and cleaning supplies.

Sometimes you may even be pleasantly surprised to find clearance and other products from manufacturers’ clear-outs items that you can’t find anywhere else.

When you stroll down some of the dollar store product aisles you will find many things:

•    Food,
•    Glassware, dinnerware, kitchenware,
•    Health and beauty,
•    Cleaning products,
•    Home improvement,
•    Craft supplies and more

Cruise down any aisle and see if you can make it out of the store without at least being seriously tempted to buy something that you otherwise might not have considered.

I know for myself even if I’m only stopping into dollar store for a notebook I usually can’t help but take a peek down the next aisle or another to check for glass storage jars.

Dollar store jars are great for holding all sorts of stuff:

•    Bathroom supplies like cotton balls and  makeup remover pads
•    Potpourri
•    Kitchen spices and other dry ingredients
•    Liquid soap
•    Paper clips for your home office

Other Great Kamloops Dollar Store Favorites:

Greeting Cards- Many of the more familiar brand name greeting cards and cards from independent artists can cost over five dollars but sometimes you can find these in the dollar store for much cheaper.

Usually though, greeting cards at the dollar store aren’t brand names but they can be just as funny, sentimental or just plain crazy. I like to pick up a few at a time when I’m shopping for cards so I always have some on hand. Another thing to look for is gift bags that can cost a small fortune at other places like the drugstore.

Storage Containers- Plastic, wire and even nice woven baskets are an ideal item to pick from the dollar store. These storage containers also tend to hold up just as well as ones from the big box stores, because more often than not they are made by the same manufacture just without the name brand logo.

Art and Craft Supplies- Perfect for Kamloops crafters. You can pick up yarn, glue sticks, tissue paper, stickers, felt sheets, pipe cleaners, colouring books, construction paper, and whatever else you might need for your arts and crafts all this on a one stop dollar store shopping spree!

Just about everyone I know makes a stop at one of our local Kamloops dollar stores for novelty items, party trimming and seasonal holiday decorations for Christmas, Valentines, Easter and one of the most popular occasions in Halloween where you’ll probably find everything you need like balloons, streamers, party hats, paper-plates, kids Halloween costumes, make-up, fake jewelry and masks.

Shopping at a Kamloops dollar store can be a quick fun adventure and a convenient place to drop into for your inexpensive basics and essentials like the greeting card you forgot you forgot to pick-up and other generally convenient everyday and seasonal items.

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